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Dr. Yael Respler has a global practice with clients throughout the USA, Canada, England and Israel, and is a recognized expert in Marital, Sex and Family therapy. As an Orthodox Jewish psychotherapist, she has special training in Sex therapy within the confines with Jewish Law/Halacha.  Dr. Respler’s practice fully adheres to classic Torah principles, and she enjoys the support of well respected Rabbis.  With over 30 years experience, Dr. Yael has helped thousands of couples from all walks of life enjoy positive, fulfilling, and emotionally stable relationships.  As a therapist, she gives her patients the tools they need to empower themselves to build a marriage of open communication and mutual respect. Dr. Respler also specializes in interpersonal relationships, and has married off over 100 singles. By building her patient’s self confidence and teaching effective dating skills, Dr. Respler helps her clients discover themselves and enable them to find their soulmate.

Positive parenting is a true passion for Dr. Respler. To this date she has given 95 parenting workshops and currently helps parents develop the strategies to enhance their parenting skills. Dr. Respler developed the audio-cassette, “Creative Jewish Parenting.”  She also produced a video, “Chutzpah is Muktzah,” for teens along with a sequel, “Chutzpah is Muktzah 2,” for toddlers and youngsters.  “Chutzpah is Muktzah 2” is currently available in Jewish Bookstores.

Dr.Yael Respler can give you the tools you need to help you succeed in all facets of your life. She has helped people make healthy career choices, get promoted at work, improve their interpersonal relationships, and become happier with themselves. By understanding adaptive ways to effectively use countermoves, and using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Yael Respler achieves positive results in a shorter amount of time. Dr. Respler is also a licensed hypnotherapist and uses hypnosis to help people deal with their phobias, anxiety, and stressful life issues.

Dr. Yael Respler writes a column For The Jewish Press for over 25 years called Dear Dr. Yael which is in the Magazine Section Olam Hayehudi. It is currently co-authored with her daughter Dr. Orit Respler-Herman Psy.D. The column deals with all kinds of psychological and human interest issues.        Read Article   

Dr. Yael Respler often collaborates with her daughter Dr. Orit (Respler) Herman. Dr. Herman is a child psychologist who works with children and adolescents that have phobias, social difficulties, anxiety, low self-esteem, and behavioral problems. She is also available for comprehensive psychological testing for children and adolescents. Assessments include recommendations for the school and home environment and acts as a liaison between parents and the school to facilitate children’s success in the classroom. Dr. Herman graduated with her Psy.D. in School Clinical Child Psychology from Pace University. She is a school psychologist in a public school in Northern New Jersey. She is also in private practice in Brooklyn and Northern New Jersey. She can be reached at 917-679-1612 or oritsr31@gmail.com.

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