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Dr. Yael Respler

•Are you unhappy with the direction of your marriage?
•Is your Marital sex suffering?
•Are you dating and just not finding the right one?
•Are you struggling to become the parent that you want to be?
•Are you struggling with issues at work or in your personal life?
•Is a negative relationship destroying your self esteem?
•Are you struggling with phobias?
Dr. Yael Respler has a global practice with clients throughout the USA, Canada, England and Israel, and is a recognized expert in marital, sex and family therapy. As an Orthodox Jewish psychotherapist, she has special training in sex therapy and its correlation with Jewish Law/Halacha .Dr. Respler’s practice fully adheres to classic Torah principles, and she enjoys the support of well known rabbonim and dayanim.
Dr. Yael Respler obtained her Masters Degree from Yeshiva University and later earned her Ph.D. in psychology .Dr. Respler did two years of extensive training in sex therapy and is a member of AASECT. She also trained for another two years, which led to a certification in hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy.
Dr. Yael Respler hosts shalom bayis (marital harmony) workshops, is a weekly columnist for The Jewish Press and hosted a summer radio show on Thunder 102.1FM in the Catskills.  Dr. Respler speaks on the Kol Haloshen Hotline.  Dr. Respler is an accomplished public speaker who has spoken throughout the USA, Canada and Switzerland and can be reached via email at DearDrYael@gmail.com or at 718-259-4965.
“Dr. Yael Respler changed our Marital sex life. Before it was an obligation for us. Now it is a joyous experience.”
“Dr. Yael Respler with her warm caring heart really succeeded in changing our marriage and our marital sex life.  I always felt cared about and she was careful not to allow us to hurt each other in the process of therapy”  
“In the past we went to therapists said all these horrible things about each other and left in a worse place in our marriage then before we came.  Dr. Respler always told us that she never opens up issues that can not be adequately dealt with in the session.”
“Seeing Dr. Respler was  life changing. I was finally able to discover myself which helped me get married.”
“ I overcame my phobia and I am now able to go places freely.”  
“We stopped screaming at our children and learned to be loving and firm with them.  We now have control over our family and they treat us with more respect.”
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